Month: May 2018

Social Security Numbers and International Student Loans

Many international students who choose to study in the United States will look into obtaining student loans to help fund their studies. If this is the case with you, you may find that some lenders require that you have a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to apply (and other lenders may not). SSNs are […]

What is a Credit Score?

When students are looking to take out loans and finance different purchases one universal figure matters the most. A person’s credit score is a number that shows potential retailers and banks their overall credit rating broken down into a figure. The higher the credit score the better the likelihood of getting student loans, financing, or […]

Making a Repayment Plan — and Sticking to it

Chances are that as an international student, you had to take out a number of student loans. Now that you’ve graduated, you’re faced with the rather daunting task of paying them back. This can seem overwhelming, but this article will seek to help you make a repayment plan, and stick to it. Face your debt […]