Month: September 2018

Timeline for Applying for Study Abroad Loans

When preparing to study abroad, there are a number of things you need to get done. One of the most pressing of these concerns is figuring out how you will be able to afford your time abroad. For most students, this means taking out loans. Navigating the loan application process can be confusing, and it […]

Understanding Disbursement for Study Abroad Loans

US students who study abroad are able to apply their standard financial aid awards towards approved study abroad programs. However, attending a foreign school can make the loan process seem more complicated, and you may be wondering how your loan will be disbursed while you are studying abroad. Talk to Your School When you apply […]

Am I Eligible for a Study Abroad Loan?

As a study abroad student, you are probably interested in pursuing loans to help you with the cost of your education. The eligibility requirements for study abroad loans vary depending on whether the student loan is federally funded or private. In this article we will explore both options and discuss the requirements to help you […]

Money Transfer for International Students

If you’re moving abroad to study, you probably want to know the best options for money transfer for international students. Ideally you want to avoid the high bank fees often involved with international money transfer but don’t know the best alternative. There are now several options for transferring money from your home country to your […]

Working on an F1 Visa

As an international student in the US, you might be interested in finding work in order to supplement your finances. If you hold an F-1 visa, as most international students in the US do, you are allowed to work, but there are strict guidelines to which you must adhere. There are five types of employment […]

Do I Need a Cosigner as a Study Abroad Student?

If you are preparing to study abroad for a year or semester, you know that you have a lot on your plate. Completing applications, submitting letters of reference, confirming that credits will transfer, and finding financial support are all top priority for you right now. You might be considering a private student loan to help […]

Financial Aid for Study Abroad Students

If you are planning on studying abroad, you likely have a number of questions about the cost and about how you can fund your study abroad experience. To learn more about specific funding options available at your college or university, make sure to speak with your campus financial aid officer and study abroad advisor. Financial […]

Sales Shopping

  For a student on a budget there’s nothing better than sales shopping. Black Friday is here, Cyber Monday will follow shortly and Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts! Battling the crowds in-store might sound like a nightmare but as a student you likely have to budget and […]